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Majority of people like to describe car as highly costed, poor insulated and absolutely disappointing. However, they do not really imagine the kind of machine it is. Oppositely, these models have a lot of fans around the world. They would not change seats for any different transport.

Vague steering, postponement, cotton - are overheating of the brake, which is the failed of the second generation and recognized in the company. New Subaru WRX is any other thing. "High Mountain" is a rally special stage not far from the ring road "Kazan Ring"! This is probably the best place to test Subaru. To a length of less than 3.5 kilometres fit and sharp elevation changes and jumps, and high-speed lines and swings coverage. Speedway is a good test for the nerves: the whole route surrounds durable high bump and no grounds for departure is provided.

If you did not share the idea of what a Subaru Impreza WRX is, you will once outrage the price of the car (2.570.000 rubbles). So soon the eternal dispute will be over, and wanting to get a very fast sedan for a reasonable prices simply no choice.