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The official start of sales of Japanese-terrain carriage Subaru Outback starts PR-company of the offer of choice between two engines. Also images you can see here

This car accelerates from zero to 200 kilometres for 10.2 seconds, and is capable of a maximum 198 km / h. Average fuel consumption is nine litters for one hundred kilometres of the road.

Earlier it was reported that the Outback with an engine capacity of more than two litters Belarus does not appear, however, due to popular demand, it is now available for pre-order at the price of 3.000.000 Russian rubbles, for sure. The basic Outback should cost 1.030.000 rubbles comes with a five litter gasoline with high engine capacity about 175 litters and a continuously variable transmission CVT.

This engine capacity is 260 litters, mounted a CVT and allows you to accelerate 0-100 km / h in 7 seconds. The maximum speed reaches 235 km / h, while fuel consumption in the combined cycle 11 litters per 100 kilometres. All the cars have four-wheel drive outback, crushed clearance of 213 mm, equipped with a help system for off-road X-Mode and intelligent drive SI-Drive and active traction control (it is similar to the WRX models and WRX STI cars).